Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance

What would you do if you tenant defaulted and failed to pay rent? A tenant's future ability to pay rent can not be guaranteed. Even the best tenant can fall on hard times. Covering the cost of rent should your tenant default can be a real struggle. How long could you continue to pay out of your own pocket? Evicting problem tenants can be costly and take anywhere from 3-6 months. Why take this risk?

Our highly competitive Rent Guarantee Insurance offers 100% protection against defaulting tenants. It gives you peace of mind and if there's a problem you know your in safe hands. The most comprehensive tenant reference can not guarantee rent. However our Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance can!

Key Features and Benefits of our Rent Guarantee Insurance

  • Rent Arrears covered up to £25,000
  • Legal Expenses covered up to £50,000
  • Excess Optional
  • All tenant types accepted
  • DSS cover without the need for Guarantor
  • Cover for tenants with shortfall
  • Flexibility to accept tenants on individual merit
  • Loss of salary or wages
  • 6 or 12 Month options
  • Option to upgrade to Premier Cover
  • Underwritten by a strong rated UK insurer
6 Months Cover
12 Months Cover
Insured Incidents the Rent Guarantee Will Cover
How to Claim
This Policy Will Not Cover
Upgrade Options

Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Conditions

References are required for anyone who is party to the tenancy agreement. If a guarantor is required a guarantor agreement should be attached to the tenancy. If exceptional circumstances are approved for the issuing of the policy then these MUST be stipulated as a clause in the tenancy agreement.

The Following May Require a Guarantor
Tenant Referencing For Each Tenant and Each Guarantor
If the Applicant is Self-Employed
Satisfactory Proof of ID
Satisfactory Proof of Address
Conditions relating to the Tenancy Agreement
Conditions specific to Rent Guarantee