Deregulation Act 2015

The purpose of the Act is to reduce the burdens of current legislation for businesses, other organisations or individuals; to revoke legislation which no longer has practical use; make provision about the exercise of regulatory functions; and for connected purposes. Deregulation Act 2015 commencement date 26th March 2015. We have endeavoured here to provide consolidated implications of the Act relating specifically to relevant aspects of residential legislation.

Housing Legislation affected by the Deregulation Act 2015

Key sections of the Deregulation Act 2015 pertaining to relevant residential deregulation have been explained.

Tenancy Deposits (effective date 26 March 2015)

Section 30: Provisions for Agents | Prescribed Information
Section 31 - 32: Overview
Deposits Taken Before 6th April 2007 and Periodic Tenancy BEFORE April 2007
Deposits Taken Before 6th April 2007 and Periodic Tenancy AFTER April 2007
Renewals and Prescribed Information
No Deposit Taken

Section 21 and Retaliatory Evictions (effective date 01 October 2015)

Sections 33 - 40: Commencement Date
Section 33: Preventing Retaliatory Eviction
Section 35: S21 Notice date in relation to periodic AST
Section 36: Time limits in relation to S21 notices and proceedings
Section 37 - 39: Prescribed Legal Requirements
Section 40: Repayment of rent where tenancy ends before end of a period

Other Sections (not explained)

Other Sections